It is T-SQL Tuesday again, for the 59th month in a row. Next month marks FIVE YEARS of T-SQL Tuesday, introduced by Adam Machanic (B|T) way back in 2009.

SqlTuesdayI’m hosting this month, but the topic actually comes from Wendy Pastrick (B|T). It turns out that Tuesday, October 14th, the day your contributions are due, is also Ada Lovelace Day. As you probably know, Ada Lovelace was one of the first female computer programmers (considered by many to be the FIRST computer programmer). If you didn’t know that, here’s your chance to learn some history of our industry. Wendy suggested that we take advantage of this date and do some sort of a tribute to Ada. I agreed, and here we are.


About six months ago, I wrote a post reviewing a book titled The Phoenix Project. In that post, I compared the events in the book to my experiences in my role as a production DBA. I also shared some ideas that I gained from the book to help improve the situation within and without my own team. Some big changes have occurred as a result – read on if you’d like to know what those changes are.