As a child/pre-teen/teenager/young adult, OK, most of my life, I’ve been labeled as “serious” or “grumpy”. Maybe I deserve it sometimes – when I’m deep in thought or focused on something, I don’t like to be bothered. I also have a low tolerance for drama or “stuff that doesn’t interest me”, like sports, Justin Bieber, or America’s Next Top Model. However, I like to think that I also have a pretty good sense of humor. In fact, I think I’m hilarious.

2013-09-12 07.22.29

About a year ago, fellow blogger Thomas LaRock recommended the book The Phoenix Project, claiming that “every business leader and IT professional should read this book”. Since I’m an IT professional (no jokes, please), and I’m supposed to be leading a team, that means me. He also uses the phrase “sinking ship”, which, frankly, describes how a good portion of 2013 felt for me. Tom’s advice is generally good, so I needed to read this book.

Turns out, I’m not the only one who took his advice. There have been several reviews of the book posted on SQL blogs in the past month or so. I’ve made it a point not to read any of them, because I didn’t want them to influence my own review that I knew I’d be writing. Obviously the book hits close to home for a lot of people, particularly the DBA people. After reading it, I understand why.