Thursday, September 8, 2011

REAL SQL Guy Lives Again!

From 2006 through early 2008, I published a blog, "", with aspirations of becoming the next online SQL Server celebrity.  Ok, nothing that grand, but it was intended to be a dumping ground for useful, interesting, or even completely off-the-wall SQL Server stuff.

The blog died, for a few reasons:
  • real life demands
  • I wasn't very good at the blogging game
  • I forgot to renew the domain name
I gave up and let REAL SQL Guy slip away quietly, assuming I would never see him again.

Fast-forward to present day.  I'm the proud owner of another blog, dedicated to a personal hobby, that is fairly successful.  I'm more confident in my writing abilities, or at least more willing to accept that I can't please or impress everybody.  The demands of real life have eased somewhat, and I have more time to devote to writing.  Most importantly, I'm a more skilled DBA than I was five years ago.  Granted, I'm still no expert, but I do have things to share now, and the odds of posting something "right" vs something "wrong" are greater now.

I decided to try to revive REAL SQL Guy, but was disappointed to find that the "" domain name is now in the hands of a cybersquatter, who wants $2000 to sign the domain back over to me.  I politely said "Your nuts!" and moved on.  Luckily, the "" domain was still available, and as of today, belongs to me, and is probably how you came to be reading this right now.

REAL SQL Guy lives again, and I'm going to treat him better this time around.


Jeff said...

“So, I've got this DBA co-worker who demands to see requirements before doing any work for the developers. Can you help me, Real SQL Guy?

Congrats on the blog and best wishes. I think it's a good fit and know you'll add value to the SQL world.”

REAL SQL Guy said...

Ahh, a damsel in distress.

Fear not, citizen, no harm will come from asking for requirements. Every evil genius/developer should have a clear plan devised before attempting World Domination 1.0.

REAL SQL Guy is a fan of clear requirements!

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