Birth of a REAL SQL Guy

First of all, Welcome! This is my personal collection of scripts, tips, and random bits of knowledge that I've collected about Microsoft's SQL Server product. I created this blog because I wanted a place where I could organize these things, a place where I could dump the occasional snippet of code or URL, and easily retrieve it anytime, from any place. If somebody else can benefit from what I've done here, great! If not, well, I've still accomplished my goal.

So, why the name Real SQL Guy? I'm glad you asked, because there's a story behind the name.

A few years ago, at a previous employer, I was THE SQL Server DBA, the big dog, the guy who carried the pager. Like most DBA's, I got to play around with performance monitor, query plans, all the good stuff. Unfortunately, I also had to support a few developers, and a few of these developers, well, their query skills needed some improvement. Anyway, I'd been with the company for nearly three years, had my fingers in every SQL Server machine in the joint, and assumed that everybody was aware that there was a real live DBA working there. One day, to my surprise, one of these developers was talking to my boss about some SQL problem he was having, apparently not realizing that he was less than ten feet away from the DBA. The conversation went on, there was talk of bringing in a consultant or two to help with the problem, when my boss pointed out the fact that we did have a SQL Server person in-house. The developer's response was "Oh, you have a REAL SQL guy here?"

Of course this was overheard by most of the I.T. department, many laughs were had, at my expense, and I even earned a new wall hanging for my cube, declaring me a "Real SQL Guy". So, the name sort of stuck, and seemed like a catchy URL.

And now you know the story... Enjoy!